City of Casablanca

Casablanca City hosted the Big 5 Construct North Africa and will host the 5th Hub Africa Forum in May

The City of Casablanca has been very dynamic as it launched The Big 5 Construct North Africa 2017 on the 25th of April 25 at the city’s Parc Des Expositions de l’Office des Changes and it is expected the energy will be running as the business capital and economic hub of Morocco prepares for the opening of the 5th Annual Hub Africa forum. The Big 5 event is dedicated to the Moroccan construction professionals, contractors, architects, and engineers, and whereas the Annual Hub Africa Forum expects delegations and guests from Gabon and the Ivory Coast. The said global building and construction exhibition (Big 5 Construct North Africa) is one of the most major events to be attended primarily by the companies in the construction industry. Over one hundred sixty exhibitors from firms based in located in North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East will participate in the event. As per the report posted on their Facebook page, the Kingdom of Morocco will also participate, and 20 companies featuring all characteristics of the industry of construction in Morocco will exhibit in the event.

The Big 5 event provided a platform for the businesses in North Africa to share their expertise, experiences as we as opportunities for business development and partnerships. The participants were able to share innovations and other tools for the industry. Building networks are also one the advantages that the event offers to the members. The event is notable for bringing into the spotlight numerous high-end and advanced construction produces and equipment. The major event received over four thousand visitors.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, it is an honor for his motherland Morocco to be chosen as the host of this international event. It was the first occasion that Morocco hosted The Big 5 Construct event. The City of Casablanca, as Morocco’s most industrial city, benefits from the event as it will highlight the city’s status in the construction sector. Foreign investments and business tourism could be expected during or after the event which will boost Morocco’s economic growth.

Aside from the exhibition of groundbreaking tools for the construction businesses, the event also included ten free qualified Continuous Professional Development (CPD) workshops that were administered by professionals who disclosed their thorough understanding of the building segment. The event was founded thirty-seven years ago in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and since then, it has flourished tremendously in the subsequent years. The five sectors of construction constitute the title of the event. In the year 2016, the event was held in Dubai and thirty Moroccan firms, headed by Maroc Export, have taken part in the different editions of the exhibition. Another conference set to open in May 2017 and will be hosted the city of Casablanca is the 5th Hub Africa Forum. The theme of the conference is “Entrepreneur of African Integration” with the aim to set a place for communication for the national and international investors and tackle the progress of financing and commercial undertakings in Africa.

Under the patronage of the Moroccan King, HM King Mohamed VI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in direction with the NGE Impact and Maroc Export establishments, the Hub Africa Forum will be held in the business capital of Morocco. The fifth offering of this symposium empowers the fledgling entrepreneurs and support their objectives and purposes offering a multi-functional and multi-faceted stage for dialogue between business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors from Africa, Europe, and around the world. Starting in the year 2012, the Hub Africa Forum is being held every year.

According to the President of the Africa Hub, this year’s installment highlights several events, such as consultations and thematic workshops on the significance of technology and audiovisual resources as key fundamentals that can stimulate and accelerate the economic stride in the African region.